Residential house of the year award in 2018

Residential house of Balaton award in 2018

Selected building of “The visegrad four family houses travelling exhibition”

The primary task of the design was to create a guest house that is connected to the local environment, which provides a native atmosphere by making use of  modern architectural elements. The secondary task was to create a space for the terrace that is in connection with the interior and can be one of the main living areas of the house.

The inspiration of the project was provided by analysing the architectural archetypes of Balaton Highland, and recognising the similarity of these forms to Marc-Antoine Laugier’s conceptual illustration of the Primitive Hut. The planned building points out some of the basic elements of architecture: transitional space, covered pathways, the inside and outside, locality, and understanding the relation between nature and man from an aspect of form and construction.

The load bearing  structure is visible on the exterior of the building, that provides rhythm and arrangement to the facade system. The pillars of the structure stand in pairs, with a 1.4 meter axis distance to each other. Between the pillars are the transparent doors and windows all along the facade, providing plenty of natural light to the interior, as well as upholding a continuous connection between the inhabitants and nature. The wood frame structure is self supporting, the isolation walls are placed behind the pillars. The main building and the terrace reflect the same system of design, with the difference that the isolation walls are not included in the terrace construction.

Project data:
Client: www.portushome.hu
Type: Completed
Location: Kisdörgicse, Hungary
Year of completion: 2017
Planning area: 90 sqm

Project team:
Architect: Barna D. Kovacs
Structural engineer: Sándor Styaszny, Dénes Alibán
Mechanical engineer: Géza Porosz
Execution company: Reedzone Ltd.
Photo: Tamás Bata