The reconstruction of the Arcadian archetypes

The reconstruction of the Arcadian archetypes is an art research of applied techniques in order to explore the methodology of virtual experiments pertaining to the realm of architecture. The project has been completed under the theme ”Space formulator” for the László Moholy-Nagy Design Grant.

The project is inspired by authors and artists who had contributed thoughts on understanding spatial qualities of space and time, reflecting on the achievements of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s theories and experiments such as the Light Space Modulator, and others who, researched the autonomous representations of our environment.

The project analyses the notions of Arcadia, as an imaginary subconscious environment of metaplastic formations. The Spaceformulator generates many formal ideas of occupiable space and examines fifteen specific configurations of spatial attitudes from simple to pluralized topologies. The generated formal qualities may be translated and used for further analysis on creating a new vocabulary for architectural purposes.

The exhibition can be seen in Budapest at Museum of Applied Arts in 2015 between 13th of March until 10th of May.

Project Data:
Client: Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériumának
Type: Research
Location: Budapset, Hungary
Year of Design: 2015

Project Team:
Design: Barna D. Kovacs