ICP – Ulaanbaatar

International Cultural Park – Ulaanbaatar

International architectural competition – 2nd Prize Winning Entry

The park design concept is inspired by the Mongolian unique landscape. The use of the waving geometry of hills and valleys are effective design tool to separate functions within the park and in the same time is useful to creating an authentic environment. The Park represents the Mongolian nature and the developing future of Ulaanbaatar.

The ICP  design concept organised into 5 zones

ZONE 1 – The Cultural facilities are placed here, such as the Institute of the Hunnu studies and virtual museum, Children’s interactive science museum, Science & Technology and Innovation Center of the international “MARS-V” project; country’s promotion space, Hand craft and trade street. This zone host the commercial and business tower including administrative and operation offices for ICP. On the level 1 the international restaurants, “The Hu Rock Band” multifunctional event are located.
ZONE 2 – “Valley of culture” Its an area designated to host cultural events, international festivals and concerts. It is surrounded with siting surfaces for visitors, futher more this area includes a lake and an open stage for the different events.
ZONE 3 – The Multi-functional sports courts includes two major field for any type of games. One of the is designed with with a covered grandstand. The sport facilities are connected underground and can be accessed from the main gathering point, but also from the park level.
ZONE 4 – Leisure areas for families and children’s, including the mini-park for pets to walk and play, the 4 season theme parks for children and a small lake to provide a microclimate.
ZONE 5 – Renewable energy house. The design has a special focus on renewable energies and green approach. We integrated the “NORM” water management system which can provide grey water management and irrigation support.
ICP is supported  by “Smart irrigation control”, this modern methods of irrigation utilized by cloud-automated and timed sprinkler systems. We are planning the irrigation with a combination of dripping and subsurface drip systems.

Project data:
Client: Ikh Uilsiin Ereld Group LLC
Type: Architectural competition
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Year of design: 2021
Planning area: 35.000 sqm

Project team:
Architect: Barna D. Kovacs
Consultant: Bulgan Altengerel